Monday, November 29, 1999

Couple fined 2k pounds over pets that bark 800 times an hour!

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London, June 16 (ANI): A couple living in Southampton has been fined 2,000 pounds for their dogs barking 800 times an hour and creating noise nuisance for the residents of the area.Their neighbours have complained about the noise disturbance claiming it has made their lives a "living hell".Investigators have found the Boxers and bulldogs kept by Mark McGowan and Sam Watkins howled on average every 4.4 seconds, recording 805 barks during one-hour.Council environmental health officers made detailed notes of the incessant barking, yapping and whining during various visits to neighbours' houses.Coincidently, a director of an industrial noise reduction company, Ian Murray, 47, lives in the same road with wife Kerry.He said his young children felt intimated by the dogs."The barking is absolutely horrendous. We cannot use our garden. It's not just the noise, the smell is terrible. It's making our lives a living hell," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.The couple were fined 950 pounds each.Bench chairman Merrielle Billington said: "It's clear the dogs' barking is totally unacceptable." (ANI)

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