Monday, November 29, 1999

For GenX dads, jobs come before kids

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London, June 16 (ANI): Most men consider their job as their foremost priority than being a father, according to a survey.w generation working dads spend most of their time at the work places and thus consider their primary role to be breadwinner rather than father.Out of 2,500 dads who were quizzed to select roles according to the importance it holds in their life, three-quarters selected work as their first priority.Other roles, which many thought they occupied, included- "husband, gardener, driver, repairman and chef".The survey, by discount voucher site to celebrate Fathers' Day, also discovered seven out of 10 males wished to spend more time with their children."It's worrying so many see their role as putting food on the table, rather than a father figure," the Daily Star quoted a site spokesman, as saying.The spokesman added: "They feel under pressure to provide a decent standard of living for their family, but in doing so are potentially damaging their relationship with their children."And perhaps the rise of the 'do-it-all mums' means dads are being pushed to the sidelines in the daily goings-on in the family unit and decision-making." (ANI)

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