Monday, November 29, 1999

17 suspected Argentine hooligans set to be deported

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South Africa will deport 17 more Argentines for hooliganism after raiding their premises, police said on Wednesday.South Africa has so far deported 11 Argentines and one United Kingdom national was refused entry in the build-up and during the month-long World Cup which kicked off last Friday.Police said they raided a Pretoria address where 165 Argentines were staying, identified 17 of them as "undesirable spectators" and handed them over to immigration officials for deportation."The police have been monitoring the activities of this group and identified several persons whose continued presence in this country could be a threat to public order and stability and could disrupt the 2010 FIFA World Cup," a police statement said."They have also behaved in a disorderly fashion on a number of occasions, roughing other fans up and generally causing trouble."(Editing by Jon Bramley)
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