Monday, November 29, 1999

Ahlawat remains elusive; woman lawyer accuses Chautala

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Chandigarh, Jun 18 (PTI) Even as former Haryana Inspector General of Police M S Ahlawat, accused of molesting a lawyer, remained elusive, the advocate today staged ptotests at different places in the city accusing former chief minister O P Chauala of shielding the officer. The Yamunanagar-based lawyer staged a protest in front of the previous residence of Chautala charging him with shielding Ahlawat during his rule as "the officer was his blue eyed boy." "He (Chautala) is a leader of the opposition in Haryana but till date he had maintained a stoic silence on my issue," the alleged victim told reporters here. She claimed she had sent representations to Chautala and other senior officers of Haryana government after allegedly becoming a victim of Ahlawat. She alleged Chautala had continously threatened her through his henchmen. "I am here in front of his house.I want to see and meet him," she said. Chautala or his won Ajay were not immediately available to respond to the charges levelled by the lawyer and INLD spokesman too declined to comment. She said she had no relations with Ahlawat but it was the the then IG who had coerced her and took advantage of his position. After being told that Chautala had vacated the house long time back, she went to another residence of Chautala which was allotted to him after he became the leader of the opposition an staged a protest there.

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