Monday, November 29, 1999

AIBEA demands revival of recruitment board

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The All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) wants bank managements to start recruitment at the earliest by reviving the now defunct Banking Services Recruitment Board (BSRB).AIBEA general secretary C H Venkatachalam said the 65-member strong central committee of the AIBEA which is to meet in Chennai on May 20 & 21 would urge the government to commence the recruitment process in the public sector banks by reviving the Banking Services Recruitment Board (BSRB), stop outsourcing of jobs, and usher in progressive and people-oriented banking reforms, etc.PSU banks today had around 7.20 lakh employees and officers compared to around 8.70 lakh around nine years ago."The number has come down, there is need for recruitment; there are around 1.50 lakh vacancies in PSU banks today; it has commenced slowly, but it must be speeded up as in the next five years there would be more exits (around 2.5 lakh) in the normal course," said Venkatachalam, adding that AIBEA is demanding revival of the Banking Services Recruitment Board (BSRB) which went defunct in 1997-98.Banks were today recruiting on their own through campus recruitments, the AIBEA general secretary said.Again, AIBEA, he said, was not in favour of consolidation of existing banks but wanted their expansion, especially in the backward states which would make states like Jharkhand more vibrant.Venkatachalam who was here to attend the joint conference of Central Bank of India Employees' Union (CBIEU) and Central Bank of India Officers' Union (CBIOU) here on Sunday said public sector banks had a much more important role to play than was being envisaged."Banking industry continues to be passing through a critical phase; critical because the economy needs further contribution from the public sector banks," said the AIBEA general secretary.According to Venkatachalam augmentation of credit by the banking industry was the need of the hour as there were various states which were still backward, Jharkhand being a classic example. Instead of being the richest state in the country in terms of mineral wealth, Jharkhand was today counted among the backward states."Both AIBEA and AIBOA not only want public sector banks to continue to serve but to expand further by way of opening branches in villages as around 54 crore people in the country still didn't have a bank account and around 88% of the population did not have access to bank credit," said VenkatachalamHaving been one of the signatories to the recently concluded industry-wide 9th bipartite wage settlement, Venkatachalam said AIBEA would now discuss other important issues with the government which had so far been neglected. PSU banks should especially be granting loans to the priority sector, which includes agricultural sector, as only 30% of the sector's credit needs are being met by banks, which meant that around 70% of the agricultural loans were being met by private lending.

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