Monday, November 29, 1999

Blueberries may benefit people with liver diseases

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Washington, June 18 (ANI): A new research indicates that blueberries could provide relief to patients suffering from liver diseases - especially hepatic fibrosis.A study led by Ming-Liang Cheng, MD, from Department of Infectious Diseases, Guiyang Medical College, Guiyang, presented some data from their research on the effectiveness of blueberries on liver fibrosis induced in laboratory animals.The study shows that blueberries could reduce liver indices, serum levels of hyaluronic acid and alanine aminotransferase, and increase levels of superoxide dismutase and decrease levels of malondialdehyde in liver homogenates compared with the model group. The stage of hepatic fibrosis was also significantly weakened.The authors suggest that blueberry consumption is beneficial for hepatic diseases (including fibrosis).The study will be published on June 7, 2010 in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. (ANI)

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