Monday, November 29, 1999

Brit Labour MP caught leering `dark, dusky woman` resigns

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London, June 17 (ANI): Labour MSP Frank McAveety, who was caught leering at a woman, who was actually a schoolgirl, has resigned.The disgraced dad-of-two stepped down from his post as convener of the Petitions Committee as well as his role as Labour's sports spokesman. Yesterday, the MSP had been caught commenting on the girl, telling a member of staff that he thought her 'a very attractive, dark and dusky girl', even saying that she had 'that Filipino look'."His wife was not chuffed. In fact, she was seriously unchuffed. And I don't think the kids were too pleased to see their dad all over the TV," The Sun quoted a pal as saying."The person in question is of school age and the matter should be left at that. We are not getting into this," said a spokesman for the Green Party.He added, "We will not discuss what Robin Harper's work experience assistants do during their time in Parliament."McAveety tendered his resignation 'after reflecting overnight on the reports of comments he made at the Committee yesterday.'"I would not want the incident to detract in any way from the work of the Committee and the substantial contribution I feel I have made as convener."I am proud of the progress made during my time as convener and that it has become much more accessible to the public."I would like to reiterate my apology for any offence which my comments may have caused," he said.Glasgow MSP Sandra White deemed it fit that the MSP should resign since his comments were utterly inappropriate. (ANI)

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