Monday, November 29, 1999

`Bus rapid transit system the solution`

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Mumbai, May 17 -- Traffic expert Sudhir Badami said an efficient public transport system is the only solution for Mumbai's traffic problems. Why is the traffic situation getting worse? Mainly because public transport is inadequate, which is why people are buying cars and two-wheelers. According to a study in 2008, 78 per cent of Mumbaiites used public transport, which was 10 per cent less than a year earlier. This shows that the density of cars on the roads is rising. What does the future hold? Around 250 cars are added to our roads every day. Experts warn that if this continues, by 2015 our roads will be completely clogged. If public transport is not given its due importance, the future is bleak. Why are people opting for cars despite the expense? Cars are air-conditioned and more comfortable. In Mumbai, you cannot save time while travelling by road, but cars make the journey less stressful. Easy loans and aggressive marketing are among the reasons people are buying cars and two-wheelers.A bus rapid transit system is the only solution. This system means that more people can travel at the same time in one mode of transport.

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