Monday, November 29, 1999

Cameron vows to defend British interests at first EU summit

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British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed today to defend his country's interests in Europe, using his first EU summit to make clear London would never let its decision-making shift to Brussels.The Conservative leader said the summit had "delivered a good outcome for Britain" on the economy and with new sanctions against Iran, and noted that his government would be "very engaged" with the European Union.Cameron said it was in Britain's interest that there was a stable, successful eurozone but made it clear that he was not about to join the club."Our bottom line, our red line if you like, is that I do not support and will not support the transfer of power from Westminster to Brussels. We are not in the euro, we're not going to join the euro," he told reporters.Cameron met earlier in the day with EU Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso at the commission's headquarters, the Berlaymont, in Brussels' European quarter, becoming the first British Conservative prime minister to do so.Certainly his fiercely eurosceptic predecessor Margaret Thatcher, who recently returned to Downing Street to see Cameron, never crossed the EU Commission threshold.Barroso welcomed Cameron with a traditional English breakfast of bacon and eggs, though served with a little European twist of chanterelle mushrooms.

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