Monday, November 29, 1999

China to build more nuclear power plants

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Beijing, June 18 (IANS) China has selected four new sites in its northeast for construction of nuclear power plants with an aim to generate four million KW of electricity every year.Experts have started to evaluate the best place to build the first nuclear power station in Heilongjiang province, Xinhua reported.All the four sites have been found along the valleys of the Songhua and Mudanjiang rivers with one in Hailin City, two in Fangzheng County and one in Tonghe County, said sources with Huaneng Heilongjiang Power Generation Ltd (HHPG).The exact construction time is not known, though the HHPG sources said the plant would be built in two stages and have a generation capacity of four million KW per year.Currently China has 21 nuclear power projects under construction and 11 plants in operation.Construction of a nuclear power station in northeastern Liaoning province is already underway, while another project in Jilin province will start in 2012.

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