Monday, November 29, 1999

Crime against women on rise in Bihar

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Patna, May 16 (PTI) Crime against women in Bihar has substantially risen since 2005, according to police records. Crime against women rose by over 10 per cent in 2006 with recorded 4,974 cases as against 4,442 cases in 2005, the data states. Rape, kidnapping, eve-teasing and harassment for dowry increased, though dowry death cases decreased. During 2007, the number of such crimes remained more or less same at 4,969, as against the previous year. Eve-teasing suffered a dip from 201 to 69 cases and harassment for dowry from 1,759 to 1,596. Rape, kidnapping and dowry deaths witnessed an alarming rise during 2007. 2008, however, witnessed a surge in such crimes by more than 20 per cent at 6,186, with eve-teasing rising by over 150 per cent at 188. While the number of rape cases dipped marginally at 1,041, kidnapping of women rose by above 30 per cent at 1,494. Dowry deaths and harassment for dowry also jumped by 10 to 25 per cent during 2008. Crime against women continued unabated in 2009 as well with the state recording a total 6,393 cases, an increase of three per cent as compared to 2008. There was a significant rise in the figure of kidnapping of women last year at 1,997 as against 1,494 in 2008, though the number of rape, eve-teasing, dowry deaths and harassment for dowry against women was less. Despite this increase, the state stood at 11th and 10th places in 2006 and 2007, respectively, on the yardstick of the recorded crime against women. The state was on eighth position during 2003 and 2004.

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