Monday, November 29, 1999

FIFA World Cup: Police arrest women in mini Dutch orange dresses

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Johannesburg, June 16 (ANI): Thirty six women attending a FIFA World Cup match dressed in Dutch orange mini-dresses were detained by South African police over claims that they were advertising for an unofficial beer company.According to The Telegraph, the dress was handed out in a promotion by Dutch beer firm Bavaria in the run-up to the tournament and worn by hundreds of women to the Netherlands' match against Denmark in Johannesburg's Soccer City on Monday.A FIFA official accused them of ambush marketing and told them either to leave the stadium or be thrown out.The women claimed that they were simply supporting their country, but FIFA said they were South Africans hired to wear the dresses by Bavaria.A police source told The Daily Telegraph: "It looked quite premeditated - someone paid them money, bought their tickets and sent them in there."When the women refused to leave the stadium, they were forcibly removed by stewards and taken to a FIFA office where they claim they were interrogated for three hours and threatened with six month in prison.One of those detained, Barbara Kastein, said she was astonished by the reaction to the dress.A FIFA spokesman said Bavaria had a "long history" of ambush marketing at sporting events and it was clear the girls had been put up to wearing the dresses. (ANI)

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