Monday, November 29, 1999

FIH Youth Coaching Course begins

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The two-day FIH's World Youth Challenge 2010 course being organized by the Punjab Sports Department commenced at the Surjit Hockey Stadium in Jalandhar on Saturday. Sports Director Pargat Singh said that as many as 80 kids from different hockey centres under the age of 11 have been invited to attend the two-day camp. Apart from the trainees, 20 coaches from across the state will attend the clinic. He also added that for the children emphasis would be placed on teaching the basics of hockey. They will be put though a series of drills that will focus on stance, ball control, hitting and first touch. On the physical side a series of ABC exercises have been developed that are important for developing speed, coordination, body strengthening, importance of warming up and cooling down and flexibility. The programme will be further implemented in the summer coaching camps to be organised by the Punjab Sports Department. For the coaches, this clinic will concentrate on making them understand the practical and tactical aspects of a system of play. The Punjab Sports Department that had launched development programme in 2006, to bolster the hockey at the grassroots level by targeting children under the age of 14 too faces these challenges.

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