Monday, November 29, 1999

George Bush`s boozing made him a `bore`: Laura Bush

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London, May 17 (ANI): Former US First Lady Laura Bush has spoken for the first time about how her husband George Bush's boozing made him 'a bore'.She admitted that the former president's love for alcohol left her 'disappointed', but she never gave him an ultimatum about his drinking.Bush has always denied being an alcoholic. He was arrested in 1976 for drunk driving, but gave up alcohol at 40 and didn't touch it during his presidency."George drank the three B's, a bourbon before dinner, a beer with dinner and then B and B [a mixture of Brandy and Benedictine liquor], a sweet after dinner drink," The Telegraph quoted Laura Bush as telling US magazine Ladies Home Journal."He didn't have three drink every night, many times all he had was a beer. But when he poured enough, he could be a bore.Maybe its funny when other people's husbands have too much too drink at a party, but I didn't think it was funny."I never said the line, 'It's either Jim Beam or me.'"That joke came much later. I was not going to leave George, and I wasn't going to let him leave me with twins."Our marriage was enduring, we loved each other, and were two people who did not have divorce in our DNA. But I was disappointed. And I let him know that I thought he could be a better man," she added. (ANI)

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