Monday, November 29, 1999

`Give former workers jobs or no development`

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Mumbai, June 18 -- The state government has warned National Textile Corporation that no further development will be allowed on its mills' premises unless former mill workers are given jobs in the newly reinstated NTC mills. Textiles minister Naseem Khan said that as per an agreement made with the state in 2000, NTC had promised jobs to former mill workers. This year NTC undertook the 'revival-cum-modernisation' of Tata Mills, Podar Mills and the India United Mill No. 5 with a capital outlay of Rs 130 crore. Khan said that none of the former workers had been given any job as promised. "We received complaints from local representatives and labour unions," said Khan. He has directed the labour secretary, Kavita Gupta to make a list of 16,500 eligible workers and forward it to NTC for action. NTC has been given a deadline of June 30 to respond on the issue. Khan also complained that 2,000 NTC mill workers' families living in chawls had not yet been rehabilitated as per agreement. "Not a single family has been rehabilitated so far," he said.

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