Monday, November 29, 1999

Health drinks sector ready for marketing blitzkrieg

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With Tata Global Beverages, in partnership with PepsiCo India, gearing up to launch health drinks in India, Coca-Cola India is scripting a fresh strategy to promote Burn, an energy drink. In a bid to pre-empt Tata Gobal Beverages's foray into this niche sector, Coke has already kick-started an aggressive consumer activation programme and on-ground activities to promote Burn in domestic markets.Deviating from the traditional mode of marketing, Coke has created communities around fashion and electronic music to build its energy drink brand in India. To connect with consumers, Burn has just launched a concept car designed by Dilip Chhabria. "Our objective behind this move is to corroborate the beverage's brand attributes such as potency and energy," said a spokesperson of Coca-Cola India.On the other hand, Tata Global Beverages is getting ready to launch its enhanced wellness beverages in the next few months, informed key industry sources. "Work is in progress. TGBL is planning to announce its new name with a power-packed communication package soon," said sources."There will be new fizz in the battle between Coca-Cola and Tata Global Beverage in India," an industry analyst said.On Coca-Cola India's strategy, a company spokesperson said: "As part of a phased roll-out, Burn is currently available at select premium channels and outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. We would expand it to other cities. With our initiative, Burn Curate, we are now reaching out to audience through exclusive associations in fashion."According to the company spokesperson, Burn Curate was rolled out in many design colleges of Delhi and Mumbai. " Going forward, we will further intensify activation and scale up its aggressive yet exclusive consumer activation programme," he added.The Rs 250-crore branded energy drinks sector in India is growing at the rate of 60% as compared to a 10% growth in the Rs 7,000-crore soft drinks market. The energy drinks market is expected to reach Rs 1,100 crore by 2010-end. Coke plans to support the new launch with an intensive activation programme involving large scale sampling and presence in touch points involving fashion, music and performing arts.

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