Monday, November 29, 1999

I could beat Obama if he ran for Illinois Governor: GOP nominee

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Washington, Jun 17(ANI): The Republican Party's nominee for Illinois Governor, Bill Brady, has said that the anti-Democrat mood in the state is so strong that he could even beat President Barack Obama if he was running in this year's election."I think I could beat the president running for governor in Illinois today," Politico quoted Brady, as saying.The 49-year-old has been leading Democratic Governor Pat Quinn in virtually every poll taken since the primaries, following the budget mess, and the Governor's proposal to raise taxes.Brady also said that Obama might not want to spend a lot of time in Illinois, given his connections to deposed Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is now on trial on corruption charges, and political fundraiser Tony Rezko, who was convicted of running a pay-to-pay operation for Blagojevich.Brady won the Republican nomination against a packed field of opponents, claiming first place by a 193-vote margin over state Senator Kirk Dillard.Meanwhile, a Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 47 percent people wanted Brady as their new Governor, 11 percent more than the votes for Quinn.In 2006, he ran for Illinois Governor, finishing third in the Republican primary with a vote total of about 18 percent. (ANI)

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