Monday, November 29, 1999

I`m not addicted to beauty treatments: Alex Ried

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London, May 16 (IANS) Cage-fighter Alex Reid says he is not 'addicted' to beauty treatments, insisting he just likes to look good.'The story about Katie turning me into a 'monster', wanting me to look like Peter and me becoming addicted to beauty treatments is totally untrue,' quoted him as saying.'Yeah, I like to look good and wear nice clothes, but I've just had a crew cut at the gym! As for tanning injections, yes I've had them, but I thoroughly researched them first, and I haven't had one for ages.'I actually read that they had anti-carcinogenic properties. I'm into health. It's like anything - if you have a glass of wine a day, that's fine; but 20 glasses isn't. I don't like that dark tanned look that I had when I was on 'Big Brother' anyway. I prefer the natural look,' he added.

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