Monday, November 29, 1999

Is it fair weather on Mausam`s sets?

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Mumbai, June 17 -- The buzz is that all is not well on the sets of Mausam, Pankaj Kapoor's directorial debut, which is a love story that runs across different seasons. The Shahid Kapoor-Sonam Kapoor starrer is currently being shot in the UK. Sheetal Talwar, of Cinergy, who is co-producing the film in association with Eros Entertaiment, denies any creative differences with either of the Kapoors. "Pankajji has acted in my Dharam. We've since worked on two other films - Happy, and the celluloid version of the TV serial, Office Office, that are yet to release. Mausam is our fourth film together. I'm obliged to him for all the cooperation he has extended to me over the years. There can never be any bad vibes between us," asserts Talwar. Quiz him on the mail about executive producer monetary disgruntlement and he says nothing like this was ever forwarded to him by Shahid. Always updated "We were the ones who brought Vivek Agarwal on board and, like me, he gives priority to creativity," argues Talwar, insisting that they must spend where it is a must and cut corners where they can. "Shahid understands this and doesn't believe in wasting money on something that won't be seen on screen." He says that he has a hotline with both his director and lead actor. And it is on their request that he flies down to the location every week. "Shahid and I speak on the phone several times during the day when I'm not around. He keeps me updated on the film's daily progress," says Talwar.Part of the plan Talwar refutes reports that Eros was roped in as co-producer because Pankaj Kapoor wasn't keen on continuing with Talwar. "Bringing in another movie production-distribution company into the picture was always part of the plan," he says. "We needed a partner to reach a wider audience. Mausam is going to be one of the biggest releases of 2011."

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