Monday, November 29, 1999

Kenwood launches 12 CE systems in India

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Kenwood Corporation announced the release of 12 new car entertainment systems in the Indian market through dealers nationwide beginning this month.The new line up includes top-quality multimedia systems with outstanding consumer-oriented features, including:* Convenient connectivity for external storage on SD cards and USB memory* Fast, easy music file searches* Sleek, user-friendly interfaces* High-quality sound befitting Kenwood's proud tradition as a leading audio equipment brand."We are delighted to enhance our Kenwood line up of car entertainment systems for the Indian market, building on our 30% sales growth achieved last year," said Ryo Mizuhara, president of Kenwood Asia. "Amid the ongoing boom in Asia's automotive markets, especially India, we are aggressively strengthening and diversifying the Kenwood lineup of car entertainment systems for vehicles ranging from compacts to luxury models.""This year we are celebrating Kenwood's 30th anniversary as a producer of top-quality car audio systems. Our car entertainment systems combine high-quality audio-video performance with rugged dependability suited to the special needs of in-vehicle systems in terms of temperature, vibration and dust."

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