Monday, November 29, 1999

`Knowledge-based society is solution to India`s problems`

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Mumbai, May 16 -- "The country's challenges can be tackled by building a knowledge-based society," said Minister of State for Science and Technology, Prithviraj Chavan. He was speaking at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Matunga, on the occasion of Technology Day on Saturday. "The country faces many challenges such as food security, water shortage, energy security. We need to create wealth out of knowledge and innovation to be able to solve them," he said. Exhorting the ICT, a formerly autonomous institute and now a deemed university, to rebrand itself and build various departments. "All the great research is being done by people who have worked across disciplines. That is the way forward for research in the future." The university also signed a memorandum of understanding with several industries and individuals for collaborations and endowments.The former secretary of the DAE and Padma Vibhushan Dr Anil Kakodkar said: "There is a constant need for synergy of between institutes, research and industries. ICT is possibly the best example of such a synergy."

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