Monday, November 29, 1999

Kylie Minogue promises risqui performance in Aphrodite album

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Melbourne, June 18 (ANI): Australian singer Kylie Minogue has promised to feature a risque performance in her new album, Aphrodite, named after the Greek goddess of love.Minogue, 42, has no intentions of toning down her performance and has used one of Spencer Tunick's team to film her latest clip.Tunick is best known for photographing crowds of naked people at high-profile locations.She also revealed that filming an underwear ad on a mechanical bull years ago had made her fearless about shedding her clothes for the camera."I was so timid about that one," the Herald Sun quoted her as saying."I didn't want to take my robe off, but then I passed through this chasm and on the other side of it was a professional who knew what she had to do."Next thing you know, the robe came off and there I was, riding that bull," she revealed. (ANI)

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