Monday, November 29, 1999

Kylie Minogue wants to study again

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London, June 18 (IANS) Pop singer Kylie Minogue wants to sign up for a university course because she didn't get the chance to study after school due to her acting career.'There's a bit of me that wishes, even fantasises, that after finishing school I went to college and embraced a more academic route but I was straight out working,' reported Minogue as saying.The 'All I See' singer says that she may give up her career to study at university.'I do sometimes feel that I could go down that route. What's to say I don't end up doing a stint at New York University? A lot of people do it and there's that part of you that feels dissatisfied and is yearning to be fed. I would study photography. I would love to study art history,' she said.Minogue, who is dating model Andres Velencoso, wants a scholar companion who can teach her.'My ultimate, ultimate, ultimate fantasy would be to have a scholar companion. Someone always by my side to teach me, like in those movies about the Roman Empire. Maybe I should put out an ad, 'Wanted: Scholar. Someone who knows everything about everything. Must be prepared to travel',' Minogue said.The 42-year-old started acting at the age of 11 and continued after finishing school. She shot to fame at the age of 18, when she bagged the role of Charlene in Australian soap 'Neighbours'. She also launched a successful pop career with hits like 'Locomotion'.Her 11th album, 'Aphrodite', is set for release next month. It is her first studio album in three years, since her 2007 release 'X'.

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