Monday, November 29, 1999

Michael Jordan `advised Tiger Woods to control himself`

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Melbourne, May 16 (ANI): Basketball star Michael Jordan asked Tiger Woods to control his wild behaviour, according to a new book.Sports writer Robert Lusetich's new book 'Unplayable' talks how the NBA star advised the golfer, whose private life got ruined after the exposure of his multiple affairs, to keep himself under control.Back in 2008, Jordan apparently read a text message from Woods and, according to a source who was there, shook his head and said Woods had grown "out of control".The tome further reveals that Woods remained poised on the Kingston Heath Golf course in Australia despite the chaos off it and that Jordan tried to talk Woods into being more discreet, but he did not listen, reports also claims in the text that Woods tried to pay hush money to stop his affair with Rachel Uchitel being exposed. (ANI)

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