Monday, November 29, 1999

Napoleon `hoped to conquer Britain from St Helena`

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London, June 17(ANI): A previously unseen diary has revealed that former French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte harboured ambitions of invading Britain even when he was sailing to St Helena where he was exiled.The diary, which is on sale in New Zealand, is part of an archive belonging to Denzil Ibbetson, a British officer who was with Napoleon until he died.It has emerged from his descendants, and describes Napoleon's continued plans for conquering Britain during his voyage to the South Atlantic in 1815.One entry wrote on August 7, 1815 reveals that despite being defeated at Waterloo and surrendering he still wanted to invade Britain."Napoleon talks of invading England with 200,000 Infantry and 6,000 Cavalry, but was uncertain of the disposition of the people of England, whether they would be for or against him, as he was induced to believe a great number would join him," The Telegraph quoted from the diary.The archive is being sold by auctioneers Art and Object in Auckland, New Zealand, and is expected to go for almost 100,000 pounds.Hamish Coney, from the saleroom, said: "The direct link to a recorded officer who played such an important role in Napoleon's life and whose connection is so close makes this collection unique.""The diary is of particular interest as it tells how Napoleon still planned his invasion of Britain," he added. (ANI)

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