Monday, November 29, 1999

Navy to approach SC against Tribunal verdict in Commodore case

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New Delhi, June 17 (PTI) The Navy has decided to approach the Supreme Court against an Armed Forces Tribunal verdict directing it to consider a commodore-rank officer for promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral. The Navy conveyed its decision while responding to Commodore (retired) A R Vardhans plea before the Tribunal Bench headed by Justice Manak Mohta and Lieutenant General Z U Shah. In his plea to get the earlier order executed, Vardhan had contended that despite the categorical direction of the Tribunal and passage of sufficient and reasonable time, no action has been taken by the Navy to implement the November 30, 2009 order. After hearing both the sides, the Tribunal said, "No time stipulation for the same (execution of order) was specified by us. We, however, note that an inordinate time of six months has lapsed. "We, therefore, now direct that our earlier order dated November 30, 2009 be complied with by August 31 this year subject to any directions by honourable Supreme Court," it said. The Tribunal had granted relief to Vardhan on November 30 last year by setting aside his Annual Confidential Records (ACR) for the period 16.1.2003 to 15.1.2004 and directed the Navy to consider him for promotion by a fresh review promotion board. On Vardhan''s plea to retain his government accommodation, the Tribunal said, "It would be appropriate if the Indian Navy makes alternative arrangements to cater for the accommodation of the applicant till disposal of the case". Vardhan, who retired on November 30 last year, was asked to vacate his official residence by the Navy by February 28 this year.

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