Monday, November 29, 1999

A new India is being created

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New Delhi, June 18 -- The touch-screen on an iPod, the engines in a jetliner - swathes of the world's technology have been conceptualised, designed, modified or stress-tested in a laboratory somewhere in India. Overshadowed by China's manufacturing prowess, overlooked in debates about US H1B visas, India is moving beyond manning helpdesks, booking airline tickets and coding reams of software to making planes safer, medical devices more precise, car engines more efficient and life-saving drugs more accessible. Silently and rapidly, India has used innovation to move from being the world's backoffice to becoming a global hub for research and development.The innovation project will run for six months, starting today with a special 14-page edition. From next week, the series will run every Friday on the "Big-Picture" page. We will bring you India's most innovative companies, laboratories (state or privately owned) scientists and entrepreneurs: The science and technology, the personal narratives, the motivations, the dreams - and India's endless possibilities.

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