Monday, November 29, 1999

New reservation pension for tribals in Central Educational Institutions

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New Delhi, June 17 (ANI): The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved certain amendments to Sections 2,3,4 and 5 of the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006.The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) amendment Bill 2010 will be introduced in the coming session of Parliament.The proposed amendments to the Act aim at safeguarding interests of the tribal population in far-flung and remote areas of the North-Eastern States by providing a balance between the local policy at the State level and the national policy on reservation.The amendments would ensure equity and inclusiveness and meet the regional aspirations.The Central Educational Institutions (CEIs) are facing certain practical difficulties in implementing the provisions of the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act 2006.These difficulties emanate from the fact that their Statutes already provide for reservation of higher percentage than 15 percent of the seats for Schedule Castes or 7.5 percent of the seats for Schedule Tribes, owing to the composition of population served by it.In some cases the CEIs, which were State Universities earlier, have adopted the norms followed by the respective State Governments, which require them to reserve more than 7.5 per cent of seats for Schedule Tribes. (ANI)

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