Monday, November 29, 1999

The pet dog that started to puke after swallowing a `family of cats`!

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London, June 17 (ANI): A pet owner who took her dog to a vet after it refused to eat and started vomiting, was left amazed when the face of a cat was seen on the X-ray.Owner Samantha Reed, 42, of Wyton on the Hill, Cambs, was in despair when her year-old West Highland Terrier Snowy fell ill.he took him to the vet and tests were conducted, but when nothing emerged they decided to do an X-ray.The vets were left shocked when they viewed the X-ray as they saw the face of a cat peering out.It emerged that Snowy had scoffed a family of five plastic felines, which she is believed to have found in the garden. The "mother" was two inches high."I was amazed she could swallow them," the Sun quoted Reed as saying.They were removed in a one-hour operation and she is now recovering."I've never seen anything like this," vet Nigel Belgrove added. (ANI)

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