Monday, November 29, 1999

Police asked to handle juvenile cases with sensitivity

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Patna, May 15 (PTI) The Bihar State Human Rights Commission Chairman S N Jha today asked the police to act as reformers to juveniles who are charged in criminal cases and handle them in a sensitive manner. The police should ensure that the juveniles charged with criminal cases be treated in a sympathetic manner and counselled to leave the world of crime and related activities, he said here on the occasion of the foundation of Special Juvenile Police Unit. Jha said there were elaborate guidelines for the protection and care of juveniles, enacted three years ago, and the police authorities may accordingly perform their role as reformers to the juveniles in their custody. The Director General of Police Neelmani said some youths do stray in their formative years, but they can be brought to mainstream if handled in a sensitive manner by the society, including the police. Citing that there have been instances of some youths being lured to criminal and militant activities by the terrorist and subversive outfits, he said this has put additional responsibility on the social and administrative system to deal with the youths with care.

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