Monday, November 29, 1999

Ponting says proposed 40-wicket format `not cricket`

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Sydney, Jun 17 (ANI): Skipper Ricky Ponting believes that Channel Nine's designs on a new one-day format are not cricket, and said that he will advise Cricket Australia not to introduce 40-wicket matches in their revamped domestic one-day competition, because the concept "goes away from the game".CA announced last week that they had been given board approval to experiment with the one-day format, most likely by playing 40-over innings divided into brackets of 20.But broadcaster Channel Nine also wants a fresh set of 10 wickets allotted to each 20 over bracket of any new one-day format. That would effectively be the same as two Twenty20 matches played back to back, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.Rather than seeing sides being given 10 wickets in their second innings, Ponting wants wickets lost to carry over in the new split-innings format to be trailed in the next domestic season."Personally, I wouldn't like to see it go that way. I would like to see it remain as a traditional game of cricket. Forty wickets in the game, it almost goes away from the game of cricket," said Ponting in Dublin on Wednesday."I think what everybody is after with this game is having some point of difference between 20-over cricket (T20) and a 40-over game, which is the way it's heading, and a 50-over game," he said.Ponting has treated the cricket's shortest form with indifference."I think if you start bringing it back to 40 wickets in a game, the point of difference between a 20-over game and that concept is not very much. All those things have to be considered," Ponting said.Ponting said the team had not discussed the issue together but players had been talking among themselves. (ANI)

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