Monday, November 29, 1999

Preity Zinta in tussle over Amrohi`s wealth?

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The siblings of legendary film maker Kamaal Amrohi have failed to arrive at a settlement on a dispute over their family property worth Rs 600 crore and informed Bombay High Court that they would continue with the legal battle.The High Court, in April, had suggested the children of Amrohi to come together and settle their dispute amicably.Family's Lawyer Darshan Mehta informed the High Court yesterday that the settlement was not possible and they would like to continue with the litigation.In view of this development, Justice R Y Ganoo, deferred the matter till July 12 and ordered the parties to maintain the status quo until then.Kamaal Amrohi's sons, Shandar and Tajdar and daughter Rukhsar are locked in legal battle over control of shares in Mahal Pictures which owns the famous 'Kamaalisthan' studio in suburban Andheri.Shandar has alleged that Rukhsar and her son Waseem had stolen his shares from his residence and sold them to M/s Sanchita Realty owned by Pune-based builder Avinash Bhosale.Shandar has also expressed his desire to bequeath his shares to his adopted daughter and actress Preity Zinta. He said he wanted her to take over as director of 'Kamaalisthan'.Rukhsar has denied stealing Shandar's shares and said that the latter had received money for his shares and that he himself had agreed to transfer them. She alleged that he was being influenced by his brother Tajdar and Zinta.

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