Monday, November 29, 1999

Product designs at LG: A blend of diverse expertise

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Manoj Rammohan Seoul, May 16 (PTI) Catching the attention of consumers is never an easy task and for LG Electronics, the decisive designs for home appliances is a blend of expertise from fields as diverse as technology and sociology, among others. Depending on the target market and the particular product, the company seeks expert advise from people, such as, sociologists, researchers and health care specialists. "We have an Innovative Solutions Design (ISD) team that works on various design aspects of our home appliances offerings. "We also bring in people, such as, researchers, sociologists, doctors and nutritionists, depending on the project we are working on. This would ensure a better understanding of the consumer needs (in a particular region)," LG Electronics Design Project Manager (Home Appliances Company Research Lab) Joongsan An told PTI here. As per the needs of a particular project, experts from the related field are roped in, mainly to get their inputs on improving or developing a design, he noted. A leading consumer brand in India, LG Electronics offers a range of home appliances products including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and microwave ovens. According to another design expert, Seon-kyu Kim, at the company, several methods are utilised to test whether a new design would cater to consumer tastes. "There are several ways to test a product design before introducing the same in the market including home visits (to understand the viability of that particular design)," Functional Expert at LG''s Corporate Design Centre Seon kyu-Kim said. On the other hand, before developing a design, many other factors, including costs and manufacturing challenges, are taken into account. Pointing out that creating a new design is a challenge in many ways, Joongsan An said that there should be a balance between cost (for the company) and customer needs. "Before deciding on a particular product design, we have to mainly take into consideration, the realistic manufacturing needs and also strike a balance in terms of business costs," he added.

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