Monday, November 29, 1999

Quality with colours

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The ST500 seems like your average point and shoot camera at first glance. However, once you get close, this lightweight and sleek camera impresses with its amazing feature set. For starters, the camera takes images at 12.2 mega-pixel resolution and has a 27 mm wide angle Schneider-KREUZNACH Lens. It has minimal button layout as it has a huge 3" touchscreen at the back. It just has a power switch, a shutter button and a zoom rocker on top. The zoom rocker is a bit different from the standard type found on other cameras as it needs to be moved left and right to zoom in and out.The camera has a responsive touchscreen that acts as a viewfinder as well. Various settings can be adjusted from the simple interface that works seamlessly with the touchscreen. It also has a front 1.5" LCD display screen. When not in use, it is almost impossible to tell that there is an LCD present on the front panel. The LCD is very useful to take portraits and it shows the countdown timer. The front display also shows an animated cartoon to attract a child's attention when the camera is put in child mode. Once you use it, it makes you think why didn't anyone do this earlier?The camera also has an accelerometer that is effectively used to move around the menu with simple tilts. The gesture user interface on the camera allows you to view, edit and delete photographs. The camera also has a dual image stabilisation mode, where both optical and digital stabilisation work together for better output. It also has other features such as face recognition, blink detection and ISO upto 3200.The image quality from the camera is superb, the snapped images are rich in colours with excellent sharpness. What is further impressive is the quality of the 720p HD video recording. The video is recorded in H.264 format and has shocking crystal clarity both in terms of video and audio.The camera uses microSD cards instead of the more popular SD cards. Overall, the Samsung ST500 is a very impressive camera. Sadly, the price plays spoilsport for this camera as in the same price one can go for a feature rich prosumer camera such as the Kodak Z1015S or the FujiFilm S2000HD.© CyberMedia

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