Monday, November 29, 1999

RLA auctions 78 numbers, earns Rs 40 lakh

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The auction of registration numbers of CH01 AC series on Saturday fetched the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) Rs 39.63 lakh, against the total reserve price of Rs 7.1 lakh.CH01 AC fetched Rs 10 lakh in the auction in which 78 numbers were auctioned. Other single digit and double digit numbers were also sold for high amounts.The RLA office in Sector 17 was crowded with bidders, waiting to get a number of their choice.The number '0009' fetched Rs 4.7 lakh and was purchased by a Sector-9 resident. Next in the line was '0003', which was auctioned for Rs 2.5 lakh. Among other single digit numbers, 0002 fetched Rs 1.6 lakh, 0005 Rs 2.15 lakh, 0007 Rs 50,000 and 0008 Rs 41,000.Other numbers sold for high prices included 7777 (Rs 1.20 lakh) and 3000 (Rs 1 lakh). Considered unlucky by some, 0013 also found takers and was auctioned for Rs 40,000, against the reserve price of Rs 10,000."Today's auction generated a good response, especially the high price that number 0001 fetched. With the population in the city increasing and most families owning more than one vehicle, the frequency of the auctions has increased," Registering and Licensing Officer Jai Ram Singh said. "Some vehicle owners have a fetish for a particular number and go to any length to get it."The RLA had started auctioning registration numbers in 2001 after it was observed that people wanted to have particular numbers for their vehicles.Those interested in a particular number can register with the RLA when the new series of numbers is about to be launched. In case there is more than one contender for a number, it is auctioned.During the last auction of series CH01 AB, the RLA had earned Rs 40 lakh. The auction was held in February this year.Earlier, the auction of CH01 AA series in November last year had received a poor response, with only nine numbers being auctioned for Rs 5.16 lakh.

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