Monday, November 29, 1999

School gets restraining order against activist mother

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Mumbai, June 17 -- Avisha Kulkarni, mother of Adishree Gopalkrishnan who was expelled from Vibgyor High in Goregaon on June 2, has been restrained from entering the 50 metre radius around the school's premises. A city civil court in Dindoshi passed the order on Wednesday on an application filed by the school management. "We had to file this case and take stringent action to ensure the safety of the students and to prevent any undesired attacks on the school in the future," said the school's trustee Rustom Kerawalla. "I already have a court order restraining me from entering the 50 m radius around the school from last year. I have not violated that order," said Kulkarni. The court has also restrained 14 MNS activists, who were arrested last week for destroying school property, from entering the 50 m radius around the school. Avisha's daughter Adishree Gopalkrishnan was expelled from the school on June 2. The reason cited by the school for the expulsion was that Avisha had filed a 'false and unwarranted' police complaint against the school management last July alleging that she feared the school would physically harm her and her daughter."I have mentioned all the threats that I have been receiving lately from cabinet ministers, who I do not wish to name, on the behest of Avisha Kulkarni. We feel that the reasons stated by the department in the notice are incomplete and vague and it is not possible to give a final explanation to them unless the department clarifies itself appropriately," said Kerawalla. He further added that the school had received a Xerox copy and only one page of the two-page show cause notice and the management would send the final explanation letter once it received the original show cause notice.

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