Monday, November 29, 1999

Scientific breakthrough could offer melanoma cure

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London, May 16 (ANI): A long-awaited jab, being hailed as a scientific breakthrough which could offer a cure for cancer, is to be tested on the first British patients within weeks.According to researchers, it can reverse and even cure melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of the disease, most commonly associated with skin cancer, reports The Daily Express.Professor Lindy Durrant of Nottingham University, who is heading research into the treatment, said: "This is huge. We could now have a vaccine that can target a tumour and kill it without damage to surrounding healthy tissues or cells."In the short term, this could cure some patients with the disease and in the long term the jab could be used to prevent people developing it in the first place."Trials will begin at hospitals in Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle.Brainchild of vaccine company Scancell, the treatment will be given to patients with advanced skin cancer which has spread to other parts of the body, and also to those in the earlier stages of the disease. (ANI)

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