Monday, November 29, 1999

Select centres freights up on less position of trucks

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New Delhi, June 17 (PTI) Freight rates for the ten metric tonne load section for select destinations hardened by Rs 1,000 in the local truck transport market today on less availability of trucks along with better cargo movements. Transporters said the main reason behind price rise in freights was the ongoing monsoon rains in several parts of the Southern regions. Delhi to Kochi, Pondicherry and Coimbatore freights rose by Rs 1,000 each to Rs 55,000, Rs 48,000 and Rs 51,000. Rates to Patna, Goa, Bangalore and Guwahati also went up by Rs 1,000 each to Rs 21,000, Rs 36,000, Rs 44,000 and Rs 41,000, respectively. Following are today''s rates for load of 10 per tonnes: Ahmedabad 13,000 Hyderabad 32,000 Mumbai 20,000 Vijayawada 35,000 Baroda 16,000 Chennai 42,000 Pune 20,000 Bangalore 44,000 Surat 18,000 Mysore 46,000 Kanpur 11,500 Pondicherry 48,000 Kolkata 25,000 Coimbatore 51,000 Ludhiana 11,000 Kochi 55,000 Chandigarh 10,000 Thiruvananthapuram 59,000 Jaipur 9,500 Goa 36,000 Indore 12,500 Gwalior 9,000 Patna 21,000 Guwahati 41,000. PTI SDG RS.

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