Monday, November 29, 1999

Serial killer found murdered in Andhra

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Hyderabad, May 16 (IANS) A convicted serial killer was found murdered in Andhra Pradesh's Krishna district only a few days after he escaped from jail, police said Sunday.The body of Tatiparthi Rama Rao, convicted for seven murders, was found near Agiripalli police station Saturday night. The body was identified by Rama Rao's sister Nagamani Sunday.Police suspect that the local people might have hacked Rama Rao to death. They were questioning a villager Chalapati Rao, who had caught and handed over Rama Rao to police five years ago.After he escaped from a jail last month, Rama Rao had reportedly been threatening Chalapati.The criminal, a native of Krishna district, escaped from a jail in Srikakulam district April 9 and since then police had been on the lookout for him.The 35-year-old criminal, involved in killing of seven people at Rudrakshapalli village in Khammam district in 2005, had earlier escaped from jail thrice.Rama Rao, a life convict also involved in several cases of rape, loot and theft, had escaped from Nuzvid jail in Krishna district in 2007 along with co-accused Gunja Yesobu. He was re-arrested by police in Srikakulam district Oct 4 last year.Last month, he again escaped from Pedapadu sub-jail in Srikakulam district by scaling the 21-foot high wall.Police said Rama Rao was a terror in villages bordering Khammam and Krishna districts. He along with a few associates had killed seven people, including a woman, after chasing them in Rudrakshapalli village in 2005 to take revenge for the murder of his brother.

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