Monday, November 29, 1999

Tea and water have the same hydrating effects, says new study

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Tea can be as good as water to keep you hydrated, a study has found."If you fancy a cup of tea on a hot summer`s day, have it. A cup of tea is going to give you the same hydration as a glass of water," quoted dietician Carrie Ruxton as saying.During the study, Ruxton asked 21 men to drink mugs of tea over a 12-hour period, or a similar amount of plain, warm water. Then tea-drinkers were given water and vice versa.The findings revealed that men did not pass any more water when drinking tea - and may even have passed slightly less. There was also little difference in levels of sodium and other vital salts."It`s a common misconception that drinking tea can increase the risk of dehydration because of the caffeine content. But this new study proves that there is absolutely no truth behind the theory," Ruxton added.View All12Next >
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