Monday, November 29, 1999

Two held for robbing people waiting at bus stops at late hours

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New Delhi, June 16 (PTI) Police today claimed to have arrested two members of a robbery gang who they said used to target people looking for conveyance on the Capital''s ring roads during late hours. Sandeep Mal and Jitender Kumar were caught yesterday while they were waiting for their associates Raj Kumar and Alam Singh near Brar Square on ring road, they said. According to police, the duo along with their associates used to roam on city''s ring roads in a Santro car after 10 PM and rob people waiting for autorickshaw or bus to reach home. "Since January, they have robbed about 20-25 persons on ring roads streching from Punjabi Bagh to Dhoula Kuan and Peera Garhi to Janak Puri using the same Santro car," a senior police officer said. In some of the cases, they offered lift to their targets and robbed cash and valuables from them before dropping them at some deserted location, he said. In one such incident, the duo along with two of their associates allegedly forcibly took one Mohammed Jahid Khan into their car and robbed him off Rs 2800, one N-70 mobile phone and other valuables while he was waiting for some conveyance late night at Dhoula Kuan bus stop on June 11. They also allegedly snatched Khan''s ATM card and withdrew cash from his account from an HDFC Bank ATM in Vikas Puri area after extracting the PIN number from him. They were also behind a similar robbery on the Dhoula Kuan ring road later on June 13. "During interrogation, the two accused confessed their involvement in both the cases," officer said. The car, they used, was in the name of Sandeep''s father. "Investigation of the case is in progress and efforts are being made to apprehend their associates," the officer said. PTI PKU.

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