Monday, November 29, 1999

UK`s `Mr. Vuvuzela` sells one 10-pound horn a minute

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London, June 17 (ANI): Businessman David Broughton has snapped up 600,000 Vuvuzelas and is selling them at 10 pounds each and at a rate of one a minute.According to the Daily Express, Broughton was quoted as saying: Make no mistake, these horns will be coming to a ground near you. I know they're a bit 'Marmite' but I love them and I'm sure English fans will love them too."He has already sold branded Vuvuzelas to fans of Bury, Notts County, Rotherham, Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry City.Now he has got his sights on teams in the game's top flight, with Chelsea and Wolves already in talks. (ANI)

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