Monday, November 29, 1999

UP Madrasa Board eyes job market

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To improve the job prospects of madrasa students, the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madrasa Education has changed its syllabus and made English, Hindi, Urdu and computers compulsory.The Board felt change in syllabus was needed to provide more opportunities to the madrasa students, who have to compete with students of English medium schools once they are out in the job market."We have changed the existing syllabus of madrasas from the coming academic session and introduced subjects English, Hindi, Urdu and computers, which would be taught besides Persian and Arabic", Registrar of the Board Javed Aslam said.At present there are over 16000 madrasas in the state of which 2400 are affiliated to the Board. The government also gives grant to 399 madrasas."The Board feels that madrasa students can compete with children studying in convent schools after they start studying computers, English and other subjects. The new syllabus would be applicable to all madrasas irrespective of the medium of teaching whether its Persian or Arabic," Aslam said."Despite having strength of over 7.5 lakh students (in madrasas affiliated to the board), our students find it difficult to get a job and their opportunities are limited.With introduction of Urdu as a subject, they can easily get a job in the middle east", Aslam said.Asked about introduction of Urdu as a subject, Aslam said though all subjects were taught in Urdu, it is not there as a subject in their syllabus due to which students have to face problem in the job market.Aslam said that the new curriculum would be applicable in Munshi and Kamil courses (equivalent to high school and graduation) in Persian madrasas and Maulvi, Alim and Fazil in Arabic madrasas.Alim course (equivalent to 12th), which was not available in Persian madrasas till now would also be introduced from this academic year, he said.

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