Monday, November 29, 1999

Census 2011 to kick off today in India`s most populous state

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The marathon exercise of counting and profiling Uttar Pradesh's estimated 20 crore population will begin this Sunday as part of Census 2011. The first phase of the decennial exercise will continue in the state till June 30 and during these 46 days, house listing and house census will be done besides family profiling for the National Population Register (NPR).It was planned that UP Governor B L Joshi, as the first citizen of the state, and Chief Minister Mayawati would commemorate the exercise here by filling up the first census forms."But, the Governor's office has given us an appointment of 11:30 am while the census exercise will start in other parts of the state by 10 am," said Pradeep Kumar, joint director, Directorate of Census Operations (DCO), UP.Kumar added: "Once the Governor has filled up the forms, we will popularise it and urge people to cooperate in the census process."In other districts, the principal census officers have been told to start the census process with VVIPs, said Kumar, adding: "In Allahabad, the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court may fill up the first form."According to Census 2001, UP's population was 16.61 crore and census officials expect the numbers to have increased by 25 per cent. In UP, 3.52 lakh enumerators would conduct field surveys under 58,718 supervisors.The 71 districts in the state have been divided into 3.52 lakh enumeration blocks with each covering 125 to 150 houses. In Lucknow, 4,100 enumeration blocks have been formed.The house listing and housing census would be done on 35 questions relating to building material, drinking water, availability of electricity, possession of assets, house area and location, among other things.In the second form for family profile, details would be collected on 14 questions relating to head of the family, other members, their age, date and place of birth, marital status and educational qualifications, among other things. After taking these details, the enumerator will give a receipt to each family."During the second phase, each family member above 15 years of age will visit a nearby camp where they will be photographed and biometric prints of their fingers will be taken," said Kumar.The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will allocate a unique identify card and number to each citizen. Census officials will then save the individual's details in the card and issue them to the citizen concerned."The second phase of census will begin from February 9 and that would be the actual population enumeration," Kumar said.

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