Monday, November 29, 1999

Buffer zone for greener CP

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The construction chaos at Connaught Place will give way to greenery as the Commonwealth Games draw closer.The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is in the process of adding a 'green buffer' around the Central Park.As per plans, shrubs will be planted on a two-foot space on the border of the park's pavement. The space is being cleared at present.Besides improving the greenery and the aesthetics of the area, the buffer zone will also act as a 'safety zone' for pedestrians walking on the pavements, officials said."The width of the pavement is also being increased to 4 feet from 3 feet," an NDMC official said."For the Games, the NDMC is creating buffer zones at several other places," NDMC spokesperson Anand Tiwari said. These include Tees January Marg, Mother Teresa Marg and Sher Shah Road.According to Tiwari, electric and water pipes are laid under the buffer zone as it is easier to dig.The buffer zone will be built in a way that the rain water is diverted during monsoons, officials said.The plan also has a flip side — the width of the bigger pavements around the road circling CP's Inner Circle will be reduced by one metre. NDMC officials, however, feel this is a small price to pay for the additional greenery.NDMC also plans to plant shrubs in the parking lots in Connaught Place, so that small patches of greenery dot the concrete structures.

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