Monday, November 29, 1999

Kiwi politician`s hidden camera sex scam

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Wellington, May 16 (ANI): A former New Zealand mayoral candidate Pat Norris, accused of publishing a sex video he made of a woman staying at a house he owned, has defended himself saying he did what any other "red-blooded male" would have done.The Nelson resident who contested the Kawerau mayoralty three years ago had allegedly pretended to fit motion sensors, when he installed cameras in the house.The woman claimed he fitted one in the lounge, one in the kitchen, one in the dining room and one in her bedroom.Police revealed that the cameras were set up in a way that allowed Norris to view the inside of the house in "real time" at "any time"."What he did was like physical abuse or worse. It's a violation," the New Zealand Herald quoted the woman, whose identity hasn't been revealed, as saying.However, Norris justified himself saying that the cameras were there to protect his investment in case it was broken into, not to spy on the woman.He further asserted that he had printed them because the woman was sleeping with a married man whose wife had a right to see the images.Norris, 53, is believed to be the first person charged with publishing material under anti-covert-filming laws brought in about five years ago.He said he thought the new law was about "people using mobile phones in an up-skirt or down-blouse peeping toms scenario".He faces four charges of publishing an intimate visual recording and one of intentionally making an intimate visual recording. (ANI)

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