Monday, November 29, 1999

Nando`s stripper mum ad most hated in Australia

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Melbourne, May 16 (ANI): A commercial for fast food chain Nando's featuring a topless, pole-dancing mum who serves a chicken dinner to her children is the most complained about Australian advertisement of the decade.The ad, in which a stripper gyrates topless in front of a male nightclub patron before sitting down to eat Nando's with her family, prompted 350 complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau when it first aired in 2007.The amount of complaints was the most the bureau had received for commercial since 1998, reports ad for Mentos Ice chewing gum was the second most complained about commercial of the decade. The ad features a man whose nipples extend after eating a mint.The Advanced Medical Institute's billboards and a confronting anti-smoking campaign featuring a woman's rotting mouth also came up high on the list.The Advertising Standards Bureau, however, dismissed all complaints about the ads. (ANI)

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