Monday, November 29, 1999

Latest YouTube hit - water walking!

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London, May 16 (ANI): Three athletic young adventurers have produced a video claiming to show 'one of the most impossible-looking activities that anyone has ever seen' - walking on water.Ulf Gartner and his friends Sebastian Vanderwerf and Miguel Delfortrie call it 'liquid mountaineering', a new sport that is not only challenging the laws of gravity but is also encouraging thousands of fans to slip on watertight shoes and run as fast as possible into the nearest lake.Over 2 million people have watched the YouTube video in the past fortnight.The video shows the men racing in turns into a lake in Portugal. After several false starts they manage up to nine or 10 high-speed tiptoe-like strides before their legs buckle beneath them."All you have to do is start running towards the bank of the lake and keep running with top speed. As soon as you touch the water your legs should be going like a sewing machine. You should be just like a stone skimming the surface," the Times quoted Gartner as saying.Gartner says that rather than a miracle, you just need 'good-quality rubber running shoes'.Even those who think it is a trick agree it would be one of the cleverest hoaxes on the Internet."It might be fake but I have no idea how they made it look so real," one Internet visitor concluded. (ANI)

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