Monday, November 29, 1999

Meet the `rock`n`roll jihadist`!

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London, May 16 (ANI): He calls himself 'rock'n'roll jihadist' and he's out to make a change. Salman Ahmad, a Pakistani musician, is in Britain to tell students to choose guitar over gun.A part-time lecturer in Islamic music and poetry and frontman of the band Junoon, who has worked with the Obama administration to tackle extremism on American college campuses, will pass his message to students at Oxford University, Imperial College and the London School of Economics, which all have sizeable Islamic societies."You counter radicalisation through telling the truth and if that comes from the power of a guitar then do that," The Times quoted him, as saying.He added: "I have seen at first hand young Muslims being radicalised by the distorted message of Islam. They're fed this guilt narrative that in order to be a good Muslim you have to give up the electric guitar, or you can't wear jeans, or you have to cut your hair."He pointed out that his aim was to prevent students being brainwashed by "murderous thugs masquerading as holy men".Ahmad added: "Rock musicians and extremists have the same target market - the youth."Talking about Islam through arts and culture [could fulfil that role] and open up minds to another point of view." (ANI)

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