Monday, November 29, 1999

North Korea says will retaliate against UNSC sanctions

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New York, June 16 (ANI): North Korea has declared that that it would take military action if the UN Security Council sanctions are imposed on it."If the Security Council releases any documents against us, condemning or questioning us ... follow-up measures will be carried out by our military forces," declared Sin Son Ho, the Permanent Representative of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations.The threat comes in the wake of the international condemnation of North Korea sinking the South Korea naval ship 'Cheonan'.Ambassador Sin slammed the investigations as "a complete fabrication from A to Z."He said, "As days go by, various information and objective realities have been found enough to prove that this case is fabricated in pursuit of political purposes of the South Korean authorities."Citing an example, Sin said that the Republic Of Korea had presented the rear part of a 1.5-meter-long torpedo as "material evidence" for the sinking by a DPRK torpedo. But since the sinking of the warship, a number of U.S. and ROK ships equipped with the state-of-the-art detective means conducted intensive search for any material evidence for over 50 days in the sinking site with no success, he said.The United States and the Security Council "shall bear the full responsibility for the subsequent consequences" if the Council treats this case "unfairly," and fails to prevent any conflict on the Korean Peninsula, he cautioned.According to Xinhua, The Security Council has held separate meeting with members of both North Korea and South Korea to ease the tensions between the two. (ANI)

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